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Popular anime Sailor Moon's 1st official goods shop to open in Tokyo

The first official merchandise shop of "Pretty Guardian Sailor
Moon," a globally popular Japanese animation series, will open on
Saturday in Tokyo, toy maker Bandai Co. said Wednesday.

Bandai said it hopes to attract both local and foreign fans to
the Sailor Moon Store, which will have a 53 square-meter space in a
shopping complex in the Harajuku district, known as a fashion and
cultural center.

While there have been pop-up stores or sections of retail stores
selling goods pertaining to heroines with magical powers, the
specialty shop is a world first.

The shop in blue and pink will be adorned with a chandelier. The
interior design will change every season.

Bandai said the shop will provide more than 280 items including
snacks, as well as goods that can be purchased online and those only
available in the store, such as key holders, handkerchiefs and iPhone

Bandai will run the store together with Toei Animation Co.,
which broadcast the Sailor Moon television series in the 1990s and
has the copyright to the hit animation, and Kodansha Ltd., publisher
of the Sailor Moon comic books.

The outlet will open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The anime has spawned a successful franchise that includes toys
and video games, and has been a hit not only in Japan but elsewhere
in Asia as well as in the United States. The comic books have been
translated into English.

The story revolves around a group of young women who transform
into heroines to fight evil. (Sept. 20)