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Statue symbolizing comfort women erected in southern U.S.

A statue symbolizing comfort women was erected on Friday in a park in the
southern U.S. city of Brookhaven, Georgia.

The statue, provided by a local organization of Korean
Americans, was green-lighted for public display in a unanimous vote
by Brookhaven's City Council in late May.

At an unveiling ceremony in the park, Brookhaven Mayor John
Ernst said the statue symbolizes the determination to oppose human
trafficking, adding it is not just about past history but about the

In 2015, Japan and South Korea reached a landmark deal to
"finally and irreversibly" resolve the decades-old issue of the
so-called comfort women, with Japan disbursing 1 billion yen ($8.9
million) last year to a South Korean fund to provide support to
former comfort women and their families.

But the administration of new South Korean President Moon Jae In
argues that "the majority of the country's public do not approve of
the comfort women agreement" on an emotional level. (June 30)