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TV announcer, cancer blogger Mao Kobayashi dies at 34

Mao Kobayashi, a former newsreader and wife of popular kabuki
actor Ichikawa Ebizo who became even more widely recognized by
chronicling her battle with breast cancer on her blog, died at her
home on Thursday night, her family said. She was 34.

Her last words were "I love you," the kabuki star said tearfully
at a press conference at a Tokyo theater he held on Friday, shortly
after finishing the day's performance on stage. The 39-year-old added
that he admired his wife for being considerate to others even when
she was enduring difficult times.

Kobayashi was named in the 2016 edition of the BBC's 100 Women
list of inspirational and influential female figures after she broke
her silence about her struggle with cancer by opening the blog last

While receiving cancer therapies, Kobayashi continued to write
about her illness and how it changed her perspective on life. The
blog attracted more than 2.5 million registered readers.

At the press conference, Ebizo said his wife was able to speak
until Wednesday, but that her condition later took a turn for the
worse, prompting him to rush back home from stage rehearsals upon
receiving a text message from his mother-in-law.

On Thursday night, with him and their 4-year-old son and
5-year-old daughter at her bedside, Kobayashi "set out on a journey,"
Ebizo said. "She said 'I love you' the moment she took her last
breath. She loved me until the end."

Describing Kobayashi as someone who "changed" him, Ebizo said,
"I wanted for us to always be together," and did not wish to see his
wife die before him. He had hoped that his wife could see through how
he develops as an actor.

"I cannot be a replacement (to my wife) for my children, but I
will do what I can to the best of my ability," the kabuki actor said.
Kobayashi began appearing on TV when she was a university
student, being featured in a popular show about the love life of
young women. She later became a weather reporter and news reader.

After meeting Ebizo for an interview, Kobayashi went on to marry
the actor in March 2010. In doing so, she took her husband's real
surname, Horikoshi. They subsequently had a boy and girl, Kangen and

Kobayashi was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2014 after
a medical checkup and her husband publicly announced her illness in
June 2016 after media reports on her health.

Three months later, she started her blog, titled "Kokoro"
(heart), and her positive, future-oriented attitude to life with
cancer led the blog to gain a huge readership and prompted the BBC to
name her in its list of female influencers.

On her first post on the blog, she wrote that thanks to her
doctor's advice "not to hide behind cancer," she realized how her
identity as a cancer patient had dominated her mind and life, and led
her more and more toward the shadows.

"I have decided to say good-bye to the me who has been hiding
behind cancer by using this blog as a tool, because I want to become
a woman who lives her life vigorously and also be a strong mother for
my children," she said.

On the blog, she depicted her feelings when she was diagnosed
with breast cancer and when she lost her hair due to the side effects
of cancer therapy. While reporting on her daily life with her family
she also acknowledged her worsening health, at one point saying her
cancer had spread to other parts of her body.

She sometimes posted photos of herself with her haggard-looking
but smiling face.
"I always pray to God 'Please give me a chance to support actor
Ichikawa Ebizo as his partner,'" Kobayashi said when she appeared on
a TV program featuring her husband aired in January.

Fans, who have been following the blog, expressed their sorrow.

A 34-year-old woman in Tokyo, who has an 8-month-old baby, said
she was inspired by Kobayashi's positive messages online and "felt a
connection (to Kobayashi) as I am a mother of the same age and with a
small child."

"I cannot imagine what it is like to die leaving one's
children," the woman said.

Eiko Yamaguchi, a 37-year-old Tokyo resident who is also a
mother, said she was "shocked" to hear of the former newsreader's
death and had hoped she would get well.

Since Kobayashi came out with her story about fighting cancer,
Yamaguchi said she herself became more conscious about her health,
and believes that "many women, motivated by the blog, went for health

The couple endured some hardships after their marriage. Ebizo
sustained serious injuries in a bar brawl in November 2010, half a
year after the marriage, and refrained from theater performances for
months due to the scandal, which along with his outspoken nature drew
some public criticism.

Ebizo's father Ichikawa Danjuro died in February 2013 at the age
of 66.

When their son Kangen made his debut on the kabuki stage in
November 2015 at age 2, Kobayashi supported the performance from
behind the scenes while battling her disease. Ebizo later said she
had been "prepared for anything."

She died at her home in Tokyo, with her parents, her elder
sister and freelance announcer Maya Kobayashi, and her two children
and husband at her bedside, Ebizo said.

"Today, I have cried more than I have ever done in my life," he
wrote early Friday on his official blog. (June 23)

Japanese kabuki star Ichikawa Ebizo wipes away tears
during a press conference in Tokyo on June 23, 2017, after
his wife Mao Kobayashi, a 34-year-old Japanese TV personality,
lost her more than two and a half year battle with breast cancer at
their home the previous night. (Kyodo)