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Japan gov't debt swells to record 1,071 tril. yen as of March 31

Japan's central government debt stood at a record 1,071.56
trillion yen ($9.4 trillion) at the end of fiscal 2016 in March, the
Finance Ministry said Wednesday.

The amount owed per person came to approximately 8.45 million
yen, based on Japan's estimated population of 126.79 million as of
April 1.

The central government's debt rose 22.19 trillion yen from
fiscal 2015, reflecting increased spending on social security due to
the graying Japanese society.

According to the ministry, the debt as of March 31 consisted of
934.90 trillion yen in government bonds, 54.42 trillion yen in
borrowing from financial institutions, and 82.24 trillion yen in
financing bills or short-term government notes of up to one year. (May 10)